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What you need to know about Counselling:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: By changing the way you think, you change the way you feel, and when you change the way you feel – you change the way you behave. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a counseling technique that’s supported by a mountain of research, and it can get you feeling better fast.
  • Pastoral Counselors: Often members of the clergy, pastoral counselors are amongst the most educated of therapists, typically boasting an undergraduate or seminary degree in theology and graduate training in a counseling related discipline. Pastoral counselors combine secular science with spiritual awareness.
  • Finding a Counselor: Studies show that the people who get the most out of therapy are those that feel safe and comfortable during counseling, agree with the type of therapy being offered and feel liked by their counselor.
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Addictive Personality? It's Human Being, Not Doing

While "addictive personality" is not an actual diagnosis it does seem that many people who do not abuse substances still show aspects of addictive behavior.

Addictive Personality? It's Human Being, Not Doing
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