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Eating Disorders


What you need to know about Eating Disorders:

  • The Dangers of Diets: Not only do diets very rarely result in lasting weight loss, they can trigger an unhealthy preoccupation with weight and food control.
  • Male Eating Disorders: Although we rarely think of men when we think of eating disorders between 5% and 15% of all eating disorder cases occur amongst men
  • Anorexia Nerovosa: This form of self starvation is the most lethal of all mental illnesses, with as many as 20% of those diagnosed with anorexia eventually dying from a condition related to the disease
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Orthorexia: Disastrous Obsession with Healthy Eating

Did you know the fixation with healthy eating can spell disaster? Don't let your diet control your life. Learn about Orthorexia: The obsession with correct eating.

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