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Celebrity Rehab… What Does a Celebrity Need From a Rehab Facility?

The life stresses in a celebrity's existence may be far removed from the personal stresses of our day to day existence, and while worries about making the rent may not bother a wealthy celebrity, everyone carries their own baggage, and financial independence and success do not isolate anyone from the burdens of life.

If anything, although generally very well off, celebrities lead more demanding lives than the rest of us, and especially so when battling with substance use and abuse. Having a crowd of paparazzi following you during your lowest moments, and having all of your shameful behaviors recorded for the world cannot be easy.

Additionally, although most of us don’t maintain a paid entourage, the massive salaries of so many celebrities enable the employment of a variety of aides whose livelihoods are entirely dependent on the celebrity's performance. These people may not be able to or even want to change the celebrity's behaviors, and as a result the celebrity can be surrounded with a group of people reluctant to say what is needed, and reluctant to intervene when addiction overwhelms.

Ultimately, whatever the causes of addiction, dependencies are not easily conquered without professional help, and when a celebrity decides, or is compelled to accept treatment, they may have some different needs from a treatment program than the average drug or alcohol dependent addict.

Privacy Needs

While the public addictions of stars and their embarrassing behaviors as fodder for the tabloids may seem the rule, most celebrities hide their dependencies and have no wish to reveal their personal problems to the world.

Because media interest in the personal failures of the rich and famous is insatiable, for many celebrities, when considering a rehab, the ability of that facility to maintain personal privacy is the first priority.

Celebrity rehabs are generally in beautiful but remote locations, and far removed from the lenses of the paparazzi. Private and exclusive compounds cater to the privacy needs of the wealthy and famous, and identities are never revealed outside of the facility.

Rehab Needs to Be Tough

Without family and friends willing to intervene when your behavior deteriorates to substance abuse, it can sometimes be difficult to self gauge the level of a problem.

Celebrities endure too many "yes people" when sometimes they really need someone to speak the truth. To offer effective treatment, a celebrity must be treated as any other recovering addict within the treatment facility, and should not receive any special treatment away from the needed therapy. For many celebrities, the expectation of privilege and special treatment lies partially at the root of indulgent use behaviors, and celebrities need to relearn that although they may be regarded as special, they are just as fallible and vulnerable as the rest of use.

A celebrity rehab needs to induce lasting change through intensive treatment that has celebrities discover the root causes of their abusive behaviors, and to develop recovery plans that eliminate these triggers to abuse.

A rehab facility that allows for special treatment, that does not require the same therapeutic demands or that otherwise shelters the recovering celebrity addict cannot be considered a quality program likely to induce lasting change and sobriety.

Flesh and bone, celebrities are subject to the same illnesses and conditions as us all, and a weakness for intoxication and corresponding addiction happens just as often amongst the rich and famous as to the rest of us.

Celebrities may have the money to pay for the best in a rehab facility, and they deserve the right to personal privacy, away from prying eyes during a period of recovery back to health. Ultimately though, if the rehab chosen continues to treat the celebrity as something special, something "above the law" then the likelihood that the therapies as offered can induce lasting change are slim.

Because celebrities suffer the same effects of drug addiction, celebrities deserve the same access to those treatments that have been proven to work. For celebrities, equal access to treatment may require tough treatment by addictions councilors who recognize that although the face may be famous, the pains of addiction are universal, and celebrities need tough therapy, education and treatment to break free from a life of abuse.

Celebrity Rehab Should Be Luxurious

While celebrity does not necessarily equal wealth, most famous faces are wealthy enough to finance a stay at any treatment center of their choice.

As such one of the differences between an average rehab stay and a celebrity rehab is the price tag of the treatment, and the luxuriousness of the services.

Willing to pay for the best, stars may be pampered in beautiful settings, enjoy meals created by personal chefs and benefit from spa style relaxation therapies as they participate in addictions treatments. Ultimately though, you cannot buy sobriety, and simply paying for the finest in treatment does not guarantee success unless the healing celebrity is also willing to participate fully and honestly in the treatment, and make a commitment to change and sobriety.

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