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Zubsolv vs. Suboxone: Similarities and Differences

What Is Zubsolv?

Zubsolv is a medication for the treatment of opiate dependence. By taking an appropriate dose of Zubsolv once daily, you eliminate opiate withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings for a full 24 hours.

Zubsolv contains the same active ingredients as Suboxone and works virtually identically, so to find out if you are eligible to take Zubsolv, read Are You an Appropriate Candidate for Suboxone?

How Is Zubsolv Similar to Suboxone?

Zubsolv is a very similar medication to Suboxone. Both medications:

  • Are for the treatment of opiate dependence.
  • Contain two active ingredients, buprenorphine (the partial opiate agonist) and naloxone (added to the formulations to prevent abuse by injection).
  • Are taken sublingually (you dissolve the medication under your tongue).
  • Last for similar durations (you generally take these medications either once or twice daily).

How Is Zubsolv Different from Suboxone?

  • They taste different – Suboxone has an orange/citrus taste and Zubsolv has a mint-like taste. In at least one study, subjects preferred the taste and mouth feel of Zubsolv over Suboxone.1
  • Suboxone comes as a film, while Zubsolv is a very small tablet.
  • Zubsolv has better bioavailability. Since your body can more effectively absorb and make use of the buprenorphine in Zubsolv, the tablets contain slightly less of the active ingredients. For example, an 8 mg Suboxone film equates to a 5.7 mg Zubsolv tablet. Though the tablet contains less medication, due to Zubsolv’s better bioavailability, your body gets the same useful amount.

Zubsolv Dosage Strengths

Zubsolv comes in 2 strengths:

  1. A white triangular tablet with a strength of 1.4 mg/0.36 mg (buprenorphine/naloxone) – this equates to a 2 mg Suboxone film or tablet.
  2. A white circular tablet with a strength of 5.7 mg/1.4 mg – this equates to an 8 mg Suboxone film or tablet.2

Is Zubsolv Right for You?

If medication assisted treatment with Suboxone makes sense for your situation, then Zubsolv is an equally valid option. These medications are similar enough to be considered interchangeable.

Choosing Zubsolv over Suboxone?

There are few significant differences between these medications. You might want to consider Zubsolv if:

  1. You cannot tolerate the taste or mouth-feel of Suboxone tablets of films.
  2. Zubsolv is more affordable for you.

Where to Get Zubsolv

Any doctor who is licensed to prescribe Suboxone under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 can also prescribe Zubsolv. Most doctors do not have this certification but you can search by zip code to find a doctor in your area capable of prescribing Suboxone or Zubsolv by using the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s (SAMHSA) Buprenorphine Physician and Treatment Program Locator


Costs for Zubsolv and other Suboxone formulations are similar. Orexo, the pharmaceutical manufacturer of Zubsolv is currently offering a promotional co-pay card that can reduce costs by up to $75 per prescription fill.

People taking Suboxone films can also access a copay discount card, that can reduce costs by up to $50 per month.

Obviously these deals will change over time, but if taking or considering taking either medication, it probably makes sense to review manufacturer websites from time to time to see what costs saving programs are available.


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