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Do You Have an Anxiety Disorder? Know the Signs.

A yes answer to any of the following questions indicates the possible existence of at least one sign of an anxiety disorder. If you have any concern about the anxiety you experience on a regular basis, you should talk with a mental health professional and receive a formal evaluation and diagnosis. Most people wait for far too long (if ever) before getting treatment help that improves or eliminates symptoms in 90%* of patients (*source APA)

Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

  1. Do have a need to check something and then check it again, over and over again?
  2. Do you feel unreasonable fear and worry over normal everyday events?
  3. Do you experience worry or fear, all of a sudden, without any reasonable or apparent cause?
  4. Do you avoid going to normal social events, such as parties or work meetings, because you worry that other people will “judge” you poorly or because you worry that you will do something embarrassing?
  5. Do you experience flashbacks about a traumatic event in the past? Do you feel that you can’t “get past” the event?
  6. Have you ever had a panic attack and if so, do you worry a lot about having another one? Does your worry of having another panic attack keep you from places or events?
  7. Do you have an irrational fear (such as a fear of spiders or heights, for example) that you worry a lot about or that interferes with your ability to live normally?

Answering yes to any of the above questions may indicate the presence of an anxiety disorder.

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