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Detox & Withdrawal


What you need to know about Detox & Withdrawal:

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms: In severe cases, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening
  • Suboxone: A newer alternative to methadone, Suboxone is a medication that allows opiate addicts to break free from illicit drug use without experiencing initial withdrawal symptoms
  • Detox is Not a Cure: Too many people make it through a difficult detox period and think they’ve beaten their addiction. Detox is not a cure – it is merely the first stage in the recovery process, and those that leave treatment after detox only are almost certainly doomed to relapse.
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15 Ways to Cope with Opioid Withdrawal Pains and Aches

Tapering from opioids or quitting cold-turkey? Here are some home-remedy tips to ease your discomfort.

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